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These digital sales are for those teams that didn't commit to the West Sac Little League full-team CD purchase. The way this works is for $23 you can choose between 1-15 images of your player from your gallery. Please only pick your child for this offer.
I will need to be prepaid via PayPal so if you are interested in the offer please send me your request at [email protected] and I will invoice you for $23. Once paid I will generate a one-time code for you to enter at check out. Understand that you can build your cart with up to 15 images but if you go over it will start to charge you $23 per image. Don't be alarmed by the total when the cart is full because when the code is entered it should go to $0. I will approve your order and then you can start downloading your images to your computer.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.